NAPCO aids Dar Al Atta’a with Iftar for Ramadan celebrations

National Aluminium Products Company SAOG (NAPCO), one of the leading extruders of aluminum profiles in the GCC, celebrated the Holy Month of Ramadan by providing support to one of Dar Al Atta’a’s key charity programs. Dar Al Atta’a is a notable charity organization based in Oman dedicated to enhancing the local community by providing services through a wide range of comprehensive initiatives targeting the impoverished.

Robert Holtkamp, CEO, NAPCO, said: “We have partnered with Dar Al Atta’a in the spirit of Ramadan and in line with our efforts to strengthen our ongoing support to Omanis across all sectors. We hold the organization’s positive contributions to the community in high regard, and we believe that it is an exceptional ally in our efforts to implement our CSR initiatives. Our initiatives are especially directed towards the less fortunate Omani families and children. We made sure our assistance was effectively distributed in key areas throughout the country so everyone can enjoy their Iftar.”

NAPCO’s aid was directed towards granting the Iftar meal taken by Muslims at sunset to end their fast. The Iftar sponsorship was deployed across a total of 10 mosques in Oman, providing a generous spread of food and drinks that catered to more than 1,100 people. The beneficiary mosques were situated in the areas of Athaiba, Wadi Adai, Ansab, Boshar, Bidbid, Al Mudhaibi, and Amerat.

“This was an integral component of our Islamic Values programs and we were delighted with the liberal support that we have received from NAPCO. In recognition of the success of this recent partnership, we look forward to a long-term relationship with the company in cultivating support for Dar Al Atta’a Association’s programs and assistance in reaching out to the less fortunate and putting a smile on their faces,” concluded Maryam Al Zadjali, Chairperson of Dar Al Atta’a